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H2O Connections NW is dedicated to keeping your drinking water safe. As a family owned and operated business, we understand that property owners want to have their backflow assemblies tested quickly, affordably, and without hassle by a reliable professional.  


We pride ourselves on being licensed, bonded and insured. We are listed on the MRSC Roster and also L&I Licensed contractors. 

What is backflow?
Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of water in a plumbing system due to either backsiphonage or backpressure.  Backflow can result in contamination of the water supply through an unprotected cross-connection. 

Backsiphonage occurs when there is a large reduction in pressure within the distributing pipes of the water system which creates a partial vacuum.  A water main break or a large volume of water being used to fight a fire can lead to reduced pressure conditions in surrounding distribution lines. 

Backpressure is a source of pressure, such as pumps or thermal expansion, which exceeds the operating pressure of the potable water supply.  The higher pressure literally pushes the fluid or gas back into the water system.



We test the backflow assembly, and if the device is working properly, we move onto documenting the results.  


We handled all of the paperwork and processing for your convenience. Copies of all necessary documents are sent to the water provider, a copy is sent to you within 48 hours of service and an additional copy is maintained in our files for future reference.


If the initial test of the backflow assembly does not pass, often all that is required is opening up the assembly and cleaning/inspecting the internal components. 


We also offer a free annual reminder service, giving you a heads-up when it comes time to have your backflow assembly tested again.


If no obvious deficiencies are found while cleaning, the assembly is put back together and retested. Many times this is all that is required and the device will pass.  Cleaning and retest is included in the cost of the test.


If the device fails the second test after a thorough cleaning and reassembly, we will troubleshoot the issue and provide you with an estimate to complete the repair. No work will be performed before you have reviewed and accept the estimate.

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